Why Use Call Tracking?

Clicks only tell half of the customer journey.

If you only use a handful of digital analytics, such as clicks and goal conversions, to measure campaign success then you are severely underestimating your leads and rental inquiries. According to LeaseHawk user data, 54% of communications received by leasing offices in 2020 were phone calls. Call tracking reveals the entire customer journey for the majority of your leads—those who decide to pick up the phone, rather than submit a form.

Call Tracking Benefits


Own Your Tracking Numbers and Analyze Call Traffic

Take advantage of national toll-free and local phone numbers. Identify the peak calling times and traffic patterns for each of your communities.


Get More from Your Marketing

Discover your precise cost-per-lead by closing the loop on your renters’ customer journey. See how many leads you’ve received and the advertising origin of every call.


Record Calls for Evaluation and Training

Monitor how employees handle leads and convert calls to appointments with access to call recordings. Demonstrate effective techniques and assess skill gaps.


Manage Leasing Opportunities  

Get status reports that provide performance accountability. Makes following up on phone leads easy, so your leasing teams can save missed opportunities.  

Connect the Dots with Calls

Get the bigger picture on your properties’ ROI.

As a multifamily operator, call tracking helps you to fill in the gaps of where your leads are coming from, streamline your advertising budget, and train your leasing agents. Here’s how to set it up for your properties in four simple steps.


Place Tracking Numbers

Place the tracking numbers provided to you by LeaseHawk in your print and digital advertisements.

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Leads Start Calling

Leads see your ad and call the unique tracking number associated with that campaign or advertising source.


Call Automatically Routes

LeaseHawk routes the incoming call from the tracking number to your leasing office instantly.

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Call Info Captured and Recorded

The ad source, caller data and call recording are captured and available in LeaseHawk’s dynamic reporting.

Telephony at Your Fingertips

The multifamily industry’s most comprehensive call tracking system available.

When you use LeaseHawk’s call tracking, you get more than just tracking numbers. You have access to all of our advanced telephony features to ensure you get the most out of your properties’ phone leads.


Unique Numbers

Local, toll-free, resident line and vanity call tracking numbers are available.


Dynamic Number Insertion (DNI)

Dynamically display tracking phone numbers on your websites.



Point call traffic to different target phone numbers at different times of the day.



Access, listen and email all of your inbound call recordings with ease.


Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

Point callers to the proper destination such as, “For leasing, press one.”


Whisper Greeting

Prior to connecting, it tells the agent which ad source the caller is calling from.


Consumer Greeting

Custom greeting notifying the caller that they have reached your property.



Emails missed call notifications and voicemail recordings to your leasing team.

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If you are looking for a powerful and focused solution, the LeaseHawk Performance Platform delivers the only leasing system that seamlessly integrates marketing, sales, and analytics into one affordable solution that’s custom tailored for the needs of the apartment industry. Direct your marketing dollars and your employee investments for maximum return while seizing every possible leasing opportunity.

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