Do You Know How Effective Your Marketing and People Are?

Gain the visibility you need with our business intelligence and reporting.

As the owner or manager of a multifamily property, you’re saddled with a unique set of challenges: track prospects, optimize your marketing activities and close leases faster. Traditionally, you haven’t had enough visibility into your marketing effectiveness and employee performance, causing you to miss valuable leasing opportunities. LeaseHawk makes it easier than ever for you to make decisions by serving up your most critical leasing data into easy-to-use business intelligence and reporting tools.

HawkEye Dashboard

LeaseHawk makes it easy to identify changes in the key areas that impact leasing success.


Caller Behavior

Get a detailed overview of all your calls. View trends in call volume, missed calls, and call length to quickly identify areas that need attention and make data-driven decisions.


Ad Source Effectiveness

An Internet Listing Service (ILS) may only give you a single-pane view into your ad’s performance. See the true value of your ad sources, ranked by call and prospect volume.


Employee Call Performance

How effective is your team at handling prospect calls? Track how well your sites and employees perform on calls—without having to monitor countless conversations.


Communication Performance

Get insight into all of your communication activity, including inbound and outbound calls, texts and emails. Our business intelligence and reporting tools give you visibility into your current leasing cycle and help prioritize follow-up activity.

See Your Data from a Bird’s Eye View

The at-a-glance dashboards in our business intelligence tool provide full transparency into the performance of your entire portfolio and individual sites, so you can quickly identify areas that need attention.

Experience an executive view of progress in every area that impacts leasing success.
Make data-driven decisions using intuitive dashboards and at-a-glance analytics.
Responsive, mobile-first design gives you flexibility and accessibility to monitor your performance anytime, anywhere.
Caller Behavior
Sales Pipeline Management

Get into the Details with Dynamic Reports

Explore your data in detail with customizable and dynamic reports. Our comprehensive reporting allows you to objectively manage your marketing effectiveness and employee performance.

Schedule and export over 60 dynamic reports for a detailed view into your leasing success.
Access near real-time data and reports, so you can measure and improve your results.
Directly access and share call recordings and conversation transcripts with just a click.

Take Action on Your Data

Spend less time sifting through endless streams of data. Our business intelligence and reporting tools organize your data into easy-to-use reports, so you can take action and improve your leasing process.


Call Detail

Review call recordings and transcripts, plus details such as call duration, ad source and more.   


Employee Performance

Visibility into your top leasing agent talent and their overall call performance scores.  


Leasing Report

Keep track of the exact moments of when a lead becomes a resident.  


Call Volume by Day and Hour

Discover which day of the week and what time your properties receive the most calls.


Site Performance

Compare the overall call performance scores of each site in your portfolio.  


Ad Source Traffic

Discover how many emails, texts, calls, and walk-ins each ad source generates.  


Prospects by Site

Understand which sites are receiving the most prospects and the ads that are generating them.  


Sales Funnel

View how many leads, prospects and applicants that are in your current leasing funnel.   

ACETM Report

Track leads handled by ACE, review calls and transcripts, plus much more.

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If you are looking for a powerful and focused solution, the LeaseHawk Performance Platform delivers the only leasing system that seamlessly integrates marketing, sales, and analytics into one affordable solution that’s custom tailored for the needs of the apartment industry. Direct your marketing dollars and your employee investments for maximum return while seizing every possible leasing opportunity.

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