ACE is always on.

Leasing teams face so many on-site pressures. It’s often difficult for them to nurture prospects consistently. Now more than ever is the time to ensure every prospect makes a positive connection with your community. ACE is always on and here to help.


Nearly 49% of phone calls are missed by leasing offices.


87% of callers will not leave a voicemail if their call is missed by your leasing team.


73% of Millennial renters expect a reply within 24 hours or less.


On average, only 30% of calls to leasing offices are prospects.

The voice of a human.
A brain powered by AI.

What do you get when you combine years of leasing experience with the voice of a human and a brain powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI)? You get ACE, the virtual leasing assistant.

Answers prospect phone calls, chats, and text messages.

Schedules tours and collects guest card information.

An effective alternative to costly call centers.

Listens to each prospect’s needs and provides the desired information quickly.

Consistently answers prospect communications, so you never miss a lead.

Choose its voice, style, and personality to align with your business.

Limitless knowledge.
ACE is your property expert.

ACE is trained with years of multifamily data, property phone calls, and real leasing agent conversations, and sits on an Artificial Intelligence (AI) platform powered by Google. ACE knows how to conversationally guide a prospect through learning about your properties. Whether they are looking for pricing and availability, or if their lizard named Louie is an acceptable pet—ACE knows the answer.

Knows over 160+ leasing and resident related questions to help prospects get the answers they need.
Connects with your Property Management System (PMS) to provide up-to-date pricing and availability data.
ACE is continuously learning and perfecting the way it communicates with your prospects using AI.

Ready to answer.
Anywhere and anytime.

ACE is so much more than a chatbot. It not only interacts with your prospects as a chatbot, it also answers prospect phone calls and text messages. With ACE, your prospects can get the answers they need on the communication channel they prefer.

24/7 availability to answer prospect phone calls, text messages, and chats—including on property listings and websites.
Receive instant notifications when ACE collects a guest card or books an appointment, so you can follow-up quickly.
Integrates with most CRM software, so your leasing agents never miss a beat following up on appointments that ACE has booked for them.
ACE Chatbot
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Completely customizable.

You decide the personality, style, and voice for ACE—everything is customizable. With over six different voices to choose from, unlimited colors, and rich text, you can truly make ACE a one-of-a-kind virtual leasing assistant for your properties. Or, use the beautiful default styling and helpful pre-populated responses for a quick and effortless setup.

Add your brand’s own voice and personality to every ACE response. Customizable through its intuitive dashboard.
Use the rich-text editor or add your own custom HTML to create visually engaging chat responses.
Choose a human-like voice for ACE with one of the six available voices and three voice speeds.

Experience ACE.
Try our interactive demo.

ACE exists for one purpose: to fill vacancies and to help make your properties profitable. It answers that call by answering all calls with AI voice-automation, text and chat technology capable of delivering qualified leads to your leasing teams, reliably, continuously and indefinitely. Say goodbye to missed leasing opportunities and hello to ACE.

Call or text (844) 389-4060 to interact with ACE.

Or, ask ACE a leasing question to start the chat demo!

What our clients are saying about ACE.

Read reviews from multifamily property owners, managers and professionals who trust ACE every day to answer their prospect’s calls, texts, and chats.

Great, Fast, and Very Easy

    

"LeaseHawk’s ACE has made my job 100x easier. If I don't answer the phone, it gives me everything I need to do to make renting easier and faster."

Nick R.
Leasing Professional

Avid User of ACE

   

"Appointment setting through ACE is great for after hours, to help with the overflow of calls, or if there isn't many employees. Having all these features available in one location, through one admin portal that is integrated well with Yardi is a huge plus for us."

Validated G2 Reviewer
User in Multifamily Real Estate

ACE Makes Customer Service Expectations Easy

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"We have solved some customer service problems with AI in the ACE and Chatbot product, and transparency in how we can do better to serve the customer’s needs."

Kelly J.
Leasing Professional
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