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Supercharge your Property Management System (PMS). Add on the LeaseHawk Suite to get the most out of your property's data.

The LeaseHawk Suite

Software and services that are all-encompassing for your apartment leasing needs.

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Analytics & Business Intelligence

Real-time and dynamic reporting constantly measure the ever-changing effectiveness of your marketing and your people, so you can refine and improve results.

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AI-Powered Leasing Assistant

The multifamily industry's only AI-powered leasing assistant that answers calls, sends text messages, and chats on your website. It interacts and engages with your prospects, 24/7.

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Relationship Management

Easily manage relationships with prospects and residents in one easy-to-use application that connects seamlessly with your Property Management System (PMS). Streamline every communication, sent or received, including texts, calls and emails.

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Call Tracking & AI Analysis

Instantly track phone leads and uncover your most valuable ad sources by actual prospects and leases generated, not just calls.

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AI-Powered Call Analysis

Using AI and machine learning, each eligible first-time prospect call your leasing agents handle will be scored to identify strengths and weaknesses that impact leasing success.

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Support Services

LeaseHawk’s Client Success, Training and Technical Support teams are committed to your success. From implementation to everyday support, our staff of multifamily experts are with you every step of the way.

Unique Software Made for Multifamily

Every tool we develop uses artificial intelligence to uniquely fit the needs of the multifamily industry. Optimize your leasing process and grow faster by empowering success at every level of your organization.

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Executive Suite

At-a-glance statistics provide transparency into the performance of an entire portfolio or individual site.
Business intelligence reporting with a responsive, mobile-first design gives you the flexibility to monitor a property's performance anytime, anywhere.
Centralize your team's processes into one easy-to-use software suite that supercharges existing Property Management System (PMS) data.
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Marketing & Sales

Close the loop on a lead turning into a lease with reliable and accurate call tracking.
Evaluate ad sources in real-time using customizable reports that can be automated or scheduled.
Ensure your ad spend is targeted toward sources that generate the most prospects.
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Regional Management

Improve your team's response times by eliminating tedious and time-consuming processes.
Record all calls to gain valuable performance insight. Utilize call recordings as training opportunities with individual team members.
Measure employee call performance with real prospects and compare against the industry average.
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Leasing Professionals

Easily manage tasks to quickly follow-up and to stay focused on prospects and upcoming appointments.
Text, email and call residents and prospects from one easy-to-use platform.
Collect prospect information while on the phone, then easily push the information to your Property Management System (PMS).
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Software that helps you work smarter, not harder

You need the tools to measure, refine and improve the leasing experience. LeaseHawk has them.

Know Your Callers

Track your property's phone calls back to specific ads, web pages, social media and offline campaigns. Gain deep insight into which sources produce the most prospects and leads using artificial intelligence. Uncover your caller's behavior with access to live call recordings and analytics to evaluate the key factors that are driving your prospects to pick up the phone and call.

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Spend Smarter

Compare your cost per lead, prospect and lease across multiple ad sources with LeaseHawk's dynamic reporting and business intelligence. Access meaningful data, in real time, or through scheduled reports that will allow you to easily identify trends and nimbly make marketing decisions.

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Measure & Replicate Your Talent

LeaseHawk uses AI-powered call analysis to measure the performance of your leasing agents. Unlike less-effective secret shopper services, Agent Performance scores every eligible first-time prospect call your properties receive. It gives you a holistic view of your team’s results, so you don’t have to spend countless hours monitoring and evaluating skill gaps.

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Manage Your Pipeline

Our CRM is an easy-to-use relationship management system that helps you respond to leads faster than ever. Proactively manage the lifecycle of all your relationships with the communication timeline that enables you to provide a personalized experience for all your contacts.

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LeaseHawk Reviews

Read reviews from data-driven multifamily property owners, managers and professionals who use LeaseHawk every day.

Amazing Leasing Tool


July 11, 2019

    

LeaseHawk helps us monitor how many incoming calls we are getting and where those calls are coming from. It shows which calls were answered, which calls were missed, etc. It shows leads and more. It is really cool to be able to track that.

LeaseHawk User

Simple to Use


February 28, 2019

   

I have worked in student housing for the past two years and have used leasehawk for the full duration. This program is very simple to use. Everything is saved so you can easily refer back to it later.

Torri L.
Leasing Consultant

Very Reliable Tool


January 16, 2018

   

“I love being able to review calls and send texts to our residents for quick, last minute work orders. I like being able to track what my staff are telling people through the call recordings.”

Trinity R.
Property Manager, Adara Communities

Fast, Easy and Effective


January 12, 2018

    

“The mobility of the app is wonderful! I can use it from home and not have to worry about missing a lead!”

Elizabeth Q.

Great Tool for Sales Calls, Training and Monitoring


January 12, 2018

    

“Recorded and scored calls are a great training opportunity to improve my staff's sales skills.”

Kristina H.
Leasing Manager, Peak Campus
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