Stay Connected, Close Leases

Send and receive calls, texts, and emails all in one place.

LeaseHawk’s easy-to-use Customer Relationship Management (CRM) keeps front office leasing staff connected to leads, prospects, and residents. Whether they’re taking walk-in leads or working from home, the LeaseHawk CRM keeps leasing agents on track to respond fast, collect guest cards and set appointments wherever they are.


Manage Your Leasing Pipeline

The leasing pipeline gives you visibility into your current leasing cycle and helps to prioritize your follow-up efforts.


Get Instant Notifications

Receive instant notifications of phone calls, text messages and emails, allowing you to stay on top of inbound communications from new leads and current residents.


Organize Your Relationships

View all of your contacts in one central interface. View a contact’s entire communication history to provide a more personal experience.


Improve Response Times

Access real-time unit availability and pricing. Generate reserved quote sheets while continuing live calls without leaving the CRM.

Increase Your Speed to Lead

Respond to leads in seconds.

The last thing you want as a multifamily operator is for leads to slip away due to slow response times. Studies have shown that renters expect a reply from front office leasing staff within 24 hours or less.

How does your teams’ response time stack up? Use the LeaseHawk CRM to measure, track and improve response times.

On average, leasing agents take…


to respond to a missed call.


to reply to a text message.


to send an email response.

Based on LeaseHawk CRM user data from January 1 – March 31, 2020.
Sales Pipeline Management

Manage Your Leasing Pipeline

With the LeaseHawk CRM, you will gain unprecedented visibility into your current leasing cycle. The built-in communication timeline allows you to follow the relationship activity from a lead’s initial communication to their lease execution. Plus, with the ability to view the leasing pipeline from one screen, you can be sure you have enough prospects in your pipeline to fill your units and reduce vacancies.

Gain visibility into your current leasing cycle from the initial communication to lease execution.
Access your contacts’ entire communication history to create personalized experiences.
Reduce vacancies by tracking your lead, prospect and applicant volume in real-time.

What’s Inside Your CRM Toolkit

The LeaseHawk CRM is packed with the tools your team needs in order to manage their relationships with leads, prospects, and residents.


Omni-Channel Communication

Talk to your customers on the channel they prefer the most. Communicate with contacts by using the built-in phone, text, and email capabilities.


Communication Timeline  

It automatically tracks inbound and outbound calls, texts and emails, so you can reference past conversations to provide a more personal experience.


Text Messaging

Millennials and Gen Z account for more than 60% of renters. Be active on their preferred communication channel with text-enabled numbers.


Email Templates

Respond faster with prepopulated and dynamic email templates that allow you to reply quickly to common leasing questions.


AI-Powered Transcription

Talk to your customers on the channel they prefer the most. Communicate with contacts by using the built-in phone, text, and email capabilities.


Leasing Pipeline

Ability to view the leasing pipeline from one screen, so you can be sure you have enough prospects in your pipeline to fill all of your units.


Multi-Site Access

Manage leads across multiple communities and auto-assign teammates for follow up—from one convenient location.


Secure Tracking

Each of the tracking phone numbers and email addresses are masked to protect the security of your team.


Auto-Fill Information

Guest cards are auto-populated with your lead’s contact information and ad source—so your team can skip the busy work and get right into building relationships.


Relationships and Notes

Assign a relationship type to each contact. Identify their preferred communication method and attach notes associated to the contact and individual communications.


De-Dupe and Inactivate

Merge duplicate contacts and inactivate contacts with ease. Each of these changes are tracked in a historical timeline for you, automatically.


Appointments & Tours

Create, manage and assign appointments with the built-in calendar. Track your appointment success with notes and follow-up tasks.


Tasks & Follow-Up Activity

Create, organize, and assign tasks to keep you on track. Set reminders on your appointments and tasks so you never miss an opportunity to grow the relationships with your leads and residents.


Advanced Search

Easily find contacts and reference past communications with the advanced search. Filter your search using keywords, timeframes, relationships, and communication type.


Smart Call Routing

Point call traffic to different CRM users at different times of the day. Tailor your call routing needs based on your property’s business hours or employee schedules.


Softphone Capabilities

Answer phone calls from anywhere! With the LeaseHawk CRM internet calling capabilities (softphone), you can answer calls through the CRM app on your laptop or smartphone.

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