Adara Communities Sets 500+ Tours Monthly with ACE

Staffing shortages haven’t slowed productivity for Adara Communities with ACE™ Virtual Leasing Assistant at their side.
July 13, 2021

Staffing Challenges Call for Creative Solutions

No Short of Shortages

From toilet paper, to lumber, to labor—the U.S. economy has its fair share of shortage-related challenges. Staffing constraints have many multifamily owners and management companies feeling the pressure as it becomes increasingly difficult to hire new on-site leasing professionals.

Adara Communities, headquartered in Houston, Texas, is a fully integrated real estate firm providing services in multifamily property management. They attribute part of this gap to growth. Brent Bunger, Executive Vice President at Adara, says, “There is shortage of leasing professionals compared to the demand needed from the never-ending supply of newly developed properties.”

Image by Adara Communities, Domain at Kirby

Using Tech to Fill the Gap

When leasing offices are understaffed, future residents can easily slip through the cracks. On average, 73% of Millennials will move on to the next property if they don’t hear back from your leasing team within 24 hours (Zillow, 2017). Plus, based off millions of multifamily phone calls tracked and recorded by LeaseHawk, 87% of callers will not leave a voicemail if given the option, and 52% of callers will never call back if they missed you the first time.

During these uncertain times, Adara knew they needed a creative and leading-edge solution to ensure they never missed a leasing opportunity. As long-term partners with LeaseHawk, it was a natural progression to choose ACE™ Virtual Leasing Assistant to assist their properties.

Adara Hires AI-Powered Leasing Assistant

Productivity on the Rise with ACE

ACE is the multifamily industry’s only AI-powered virtual leasing assistant that conversationally answers prospect phone calls, text messages, and chats. It can answer over 100 leasing questions, provide pricing and availability, and schedule on-site and virtual tours.

Adara has experienced their on-site productivity rise with ACE’s assistance of scheduling appointments on behalf of team members, especially when they are assisting a resident or on property. ACE ensures the on-site team never misses a leasing opportunity and has proven itself as an essential tool in their leasing process.

Since implementing ACE in 2020, Adara now averages over 500 ACE-set appointment tours per month for a portfolio of 52 properties with 13,756 units.

Bunger adds, “ACE is fundamentally changing the leasing culture at Adara by connecting with prospects any time of the day, after hours and on the go. Thanks to our own virtual assistant, meaningful and timely responses have enhanced experiences and elevated expectations.”

“ACE is fundamentally changing the leasing culture at Adara by connecting with prospects any time of the day, after hours and on the go. Thanks to our own virtual assistant, meaningful and timely responses have enhanced experiences and elevated expectations.” — Brent Bunger, Executive Vice President for Adara Communities

What Can ACE Do for Your Properties?

Don’t let prospects slip through the cracks, give your on-site team a helping hand with ACE.

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