Say Goodbye to Mystery Shops

There’s a better way to measure employee performance.

A person posing as a customer, or secret shopper, can pose a lot of issues for your properties. With such a small peek at performance, a lot of variables must be accounted for… Did the shopper fit your customer profile? Was it cost-effective? Was the small sample size statistically relevant? Was the shop report accurate? Did the employee figure out it was a shop and alter behavior? Fortunately, there have been major strides in developing new solutions that target these challenges that mystery shops impose.


Powered by AI

LeaseHawk uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to evaluate phone calls. With AI, environmental factors are removed, so scoring remains consistent and accurate.


Customizable Scoring

Calls are scored using a survey of best practices. Customize the survey question weights to fit your property’s vision of employee performance.


Results Available within Minutes

Scores are calculated quickly, so you don’t waste any time waiting for reports. See the performance of your employees and sites in minutes.


Score Actual Prospect Calls

All eligible first-time prospect calls your properties receive are evaluated, giving you a data-rich and holistic view into how your team performs.


Identify Skill Gaps

Use scores to identify areas that need improvement. Target your training to improve overall call performance and recognize your top leasing talent.


Detect Changes in Performance

LeaseHawk standardizes the process of evaluating your team’s call performance, allowing you to rank results and quickly detect changes.

Sales Pipeline Management

Measure, Refine and Improve Performance

Over 60% of calls to properties are pricing and availability inquiries. How effective is your team at handling these important leads? Track how well your employees perform on every eligible prospect call—without having to monitor countless conversations.

Measure every eligible first-time prospect call using a survey of best practices.
See performance trends and rankings of each employee by site and portfolio.
Compare your teams’ performance against the industry average with the Industry Report Card, published quarterly by LeaseHawk.

Employee Performance

LeaseHawk evaluates calls using a survey of best practices created by industry professionals in the ownership, management and operation of apartment communities. These measurements make it easy to identify the areas that need improvement, so you can target your training efforts to improve your team’s performance.

Powered by AI, so you can view performance results within minutes.
Customize survey question weights to fit your property’s vision of employee performance.
All eligible inbound prospect calls are evaluated.

Also available is LeaseHawk’s custom survey and scoring system for properties. This includes trained analysts that listen to and evaluate a sample of your employees’ calls with prospects.

Customize the entire survey used to score calls, including questions and weights.
Scored by LeaseHawk analysts with results available as soon as 48 hours.
A limited sample of eligible inbound prospect calls are evaluated per month.
Employee Performance

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If you are looking for a powerful and focused solution, the LeaseHawk Performance Platform delivers the only leasing system that seamlessly integrates marketing, sales, and analytics into one affordable solution that’s custom tailored for the needs of the apartment industry. Direct your marketing dollars and your employee investments for maximum return while seizing every possible leasing opportunity.

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