The LeaseHawk Performance Platform

An all-encompassing software platform loaded with the tools you need to minimize your vacancies and solve your most vexing leasing challenges.

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Everything You Need

The LeaseHawk Performance Platform includes everything you need to identify your best ad sources and improve your team’s lead-to-lease performance.

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Call Tracking

Accurately track your ad sources with unlimited call tracking numbers and advanced telephony services such as IVR (Interactive Voice Response), DNI (Dynamic Number Insertion), call recording and more.

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Lead Analysis

Our AI models analyze your leads to determine if they are a new or repeat prospect, resident, vendor and more. Empowering you to know the value of your ad spend and prioritize follow-up activity.

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Agent Performance

LeaseHawk scores your leasing team’s phone performance on actual prospect calls using a survey of best practices. Use your agent’s scores to easily identify strengths and weaknesses that impact leasing success.

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Relationship Management

Easily manage relationships with prospects and residents in one easy-to-use CRM that connects seamlessly with your Property Management System (PMS). Streamline every communication, sent or received, including texts, calls and emails.

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Reporting & BI

Real-time and dynamic reporting constantly measures the ever-changing effectiveness of your marketing and your people, so you can refine and improve results.

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LeaseHawk Support

When you become a LeaseHawk client, our staff of multifamily experts are with you every step of the way. Our dedicated team members are committed to help you achieve your leasing goals.

How It Works

The LeaseHawk Performance Platform goes beyond tracking and recording calls. Each of the features included with the platform work together to reveal useful and actionable data for your properties. Providing the analytics you need to confidently manage your marketing effectiveness and employee performance.

Renter Calls Your Property


A renter finds your community online and calls or texts the unique, trackable phone number provided to you by LeaseHawk. The phone number tracks the ad source that the renter is calling from.

These phone numbers can be placed directly on your ad sources and displayed on your property website using DNI (Dynamic Number Insertion).


Call Is Routed

The renter’s call is directed to your property’s target phone number and the LeaseHawk CRM. You have the option to choose if the call is directed to simultaneously ring multiple numbers and LeaseHawk CRM users at the property all at once.

Call Is Logged in the CRM


All inbound calls from LeaseHawk tracking numbers and any outbound calls your agents make through the CRM are automatically logged.

The CRM is where your leasing team accesses a contact’s entire communication history, listens to call recordings, reads communication transcriptions, and tracks the contacts progress through the leasing pipeline.


If the Call Is Answered…

The call is recorded, and then analyzed to determine if it is one of 18 caller types, such as a prospect or resident.

If it is determined to be an inbound first-time prospect call, the recording is used to measure agent performance. Our AI models identify the leasing strengths and weaknesses demonstrated by the agent who took the call. Performance is measured using a scorecard of best practices and is customizable by you.

All of the data that is collected from the call, such as the ad source, call duration, and more, is beautifully presented in LeaseHawk’s reporting and business intelligence.

If the Call Is Not Answered… 


If a voicemail is left, it is analyzed to determine if it is one of 18 caller types, such as a prospect or resident. This is especially helpful information for prioritizing a leasing team’s follow-up activity!

ACE™ Virtual Leasing Assistant can answer any missed calls too. Add ACE to the LeaseHawk Performance Platform to ensure every renter gets the answers they need, 24/7.


Data is Collected

Finally, all of the data that is collected from all of your communications are available to you in LeaseHawk’s reporting and business intelligence.

What Makes Us Different

Behind the LeaseHawk Performance Platform, there is a team of dedicated multifamily software experts. We fully understand the unique challenges that property management companies and owners face on a daily basis.

LeaseHawk has analyzed more than…


multifamily phone calls tracked and recorded by LeaseHawk.


first-time prospects identified and prioritized for our clients.


leasing professionals scored by LeaseHawk’s performance analysis.


phone calls used to train our AI for the specific needs of the multifamily industry.

Explore the Platform's Features

If you are looking for a powerful and focused solution, the LeaseHawk Performance Platform delivers the only leasing system that seamlessly integrates marketing, sales, and analytics into one affordable solution that’s custom tailored for the needs of the apartment industry. Direct your marketing dollars and your employee investments for maximum return while seizing every possible leasing opportunity.

At LeaseHawk, our focus is to bring emerging technologies to the multifamily industry. We’ve built our platform to make your everyday leasing cycle easier and faster. We make your property data actionable, so you can connect with renters and close more leases.

Ready to Learn More?

Our team of multifamily experts would love to customize a solution based on your current business needs.