Generate Prospects, Not Just Calls

Your advertisements drive countless prospect calls to your communities… or do they? An Internet Listing Service (ILS) may only give you a single-pane view into your ad’s performance. They tout high lead and call volumes; however, an on average only 30% of all incoming calls to multifamily properties are prospects. The LeaseHawk Performance Platform analyzes your calls, so you can:

Differentiate prospects from general call volume.
Track ad costs per call, prospect and lease.
Maximize your marketing budget by allocating resources to prospect-generating ad sources.
View call, prospect and lease count by site and ad source.
Rely on Artificial Intelligence (AI) to analyze and categorize your calls with up to 94% accuracy, so you can get back to doing what you do best—leasing apartments.
Ad Source Effectiveness
Ad Source Effectiveness

Prioritize Your Prospects

Make follow-up a simple process for your leasing team. LeaseHawk takes all of the guesswork out of complicated ranking systems or even having to listen to every single phone call.

Our revolutionized lead scoring process uses AI to score every inbound call and voicemail to determine caller intentions. It does all the work for you to listen, transcribe, and score calls to determine a caller’s leasing intent. Results are available within minutes, so you can quickly prioritize your follow-up activities and close leases faster.

Every Call is Analyzed, Automatically

Our AI models do the work, so you don’t have to.

LeaseHawk quickly analyzes call recordings to reveal caller intentions, such as if they are a prospective renter, so you can know the true value of your advertising spend and optimize your follow-up activity.


First, every inbound call is recorded by LeaseHawk. Then, those call recordings are converted to a text transcript.


Next, the transcript is sent through our layers of machine learning models to analyze the call and the caller’s leasing intent.


One of 18 caller types are assigned to each call, such as Prospect or Non-Prospect, for deep insight into your call details.


Within minutes, the results are available so you can optimize your advertising budget and follow-up activity.

700,000+ Calls

Over 700k (and counting) manually scored phone calls were used to train our machine learning models. No other technology company has this level of multifamily data.

Up to 94% Accuracy

Calls are analyzed in minutes with up to 94% confidence. There’s no human oversight required, so you can skip the busy work and get right into optimizing your budget and follow-up activity.

18 Caller Types

Calls are assigned one of 18 caller types, such as ‘New Prospect – Voicemail’ or ‘Non-Prospect – General Business’ so you’ll know every caller’s leasing intention in just a glance.

Explore the Platform's Features

If you are looking for a powerful and focused solution, the LeaseHawk Performance Platform delivers the only leasing system that seamlessly integrates marketing, sales, and analytics into one affordable solution that’s custom tailored for the needs of the apartment industry. Direct your marketing dollars and your employee investments for maximum return while seizing every possible leasing opportunity.

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