AI Takes the Horror Out of Leasing

A short story about the chill of leasing and the thrill of Artificial Intelligence (AI).
November 27, 2019

If you just drove by, the apartment complex would look like any other, a gated community with an office full of agents. But I don’t drive, and I was looking for a new job, a place to manage and showcase my skills and knowledge, so I walked up to the gate.

It was covered in spider webs and the algae-covered metal rails were beginning to rust through the chipping paint. I pushed hard on the dirt encrusted buzzer and the gate slowly creaked to life, opening to show me the unruly path to the main office.

Once through the door, it was clear that something was wrong. The leasing agents sat in chairs staring off into space, as still and pale as storefront mannequins. One lone phone began to shrilly ring, and eerily continued to ring. No one moved to answer it. When it finally went to voicemail, I heard the ever-frightening “click” of the hang-up on a long-winded voicemail.

When it finally went to voicemail, I heard the ever-frightening “click” of the hang-up on a long-winded voicemail.

I stood in fear, waiting to be acknowledged. A chill ran down the back of my neck when I looked down and saw the property’s marketing budget on the desk in front of me.

With the expenditures this office was incurring, the place should be buzzing with prospects.

Suddenly, a frail, unsmiling figure emerged from the back and asked in a weak whisper if I was there to lease. I shared my resume and said I was looking for work in management. I pointed out obvious cosmetic changes I would recommend for improving curbside appeal and then began to talk about methods to ensure that marketing is driving prospects to the property. Pointing at their budget, I asked if they knew which ads were bringing in true prospects instead of resident and vendor calls.

Pointing at their budget, I asked if they knew which ads were bringing in true prospects instead of resident and vendor calls.

The simple addition of LeaseHawk’s LeadScore AI saved my last company vast amounts of money and wasted energy on non-productive calls, by identifying and grouping call types. I accessed reports that allowed me to market intelligently with real-time, fact-based data and I was excited to share that experience.

He stared blankly at me, but I bravely continued.

“When you do get calls, are your leasing agents answering?” Charging on, I kept listing, “How are they guiding the conversation? Are they asking for the appointment?”

I explained artificial intelligence technology, like that used by LeaseHawk’s Agent Performance, that would immediately provide him insight into employee performance. Calls are recorded, automatically identified by agent voice recognition technology and evaluated using industry standards, allowing for immediate coaching and training opportunities.  

He didn’t respond, but I thought I saw a small glimmer start to appear in his eyes, so I stepped it up a notch.

“How about when your agents don’t answer the phone? What happens then?”

I looked around and thought about calling 911 as I couldn’t really tell if anyone had a pulse. “Sir, hire me and I’ll set up ACE AI, also by LeaseHawk, and it is a game-changer.” My experience with this customizable, automated assistant that answers calls, creates guest cards, integrates with property management systems and sets appointments is what pushed my previous property to the top of the company ranking report. We were answering leasing questions 24/7 and only calling back quality leads identified by LeaseHawk’s AI platform. I knew this was the moment to ask for the job.

That’s when I noticed a tear in the man’s eye. Color had returned to his skin and a smile spread across his face.

“You’re hired!” he said.

And we leased happily ever-after.

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