LeaseHawk Launches Artificial Intelligence (AI) Solution to Measure Leasing Agent Performance

The latest AI-powered solution from LeaseHawk measures leasing agent performance on all first-time prospect calls.
November 27, 2019

LeaseHawk, a leader in multifamily technology solutions, has expanded its AI platform to include Agent Performance. The Agent Performance solution measures leasing agent call performance on all first-time prospect calls. This enables management companies to quickly identify gaps in leasing agent performance and reduce their dependency on costly phone shops.

Management companies spend millions of dollars a year on advertising to make the phone ring and evaluate leasing teams using expensive shops that do not offer a true measurement of performance. LeaseHawk’s Telephone Performance Analysis (TPA) set the standard for how leasing teams should be evaluated on calls with actual prospects. Over the past seven years, LeaseHawk scored the call performance on over 25,000 unique leasing agents on over 5 million calls. LeaseHawk leveraged this enormous set of data to build the machine learning models that are now used in the new Agent Performance solution.

The LeaseHawk AI Platform offers unique features that sets it apart from other providers in the industry. LeaseHawk records every call in dual-channel (stereo) and WAV file format to ensure the highest quality recording. The call is then transcribed and the caller type (prospect, non-prospect, etc.) is identified, using natural language processing and custom machine learning models. For Agent Performance, the call transcriptions are then sent through additional machine learning models to determine various outcomes of the call. These outcomes are part of the standard leasing survey, that is based on industry best practices, to evaluate the leasing agent using a criterion of 19 survey questions. Top survey outcomes include:

  • Was an appointment set?
  • Did the leasing agent ask for the caller’s contact information?
  • Did the leasing agent determine if the caller was qualified?

The leasing survey can be customized by changing the weight of each question to align with your own vision of leasing best practices. The results are available within minutes, so managers can detect skill gaps and performance variation and quickly take action to correct deficiencies. Management companies can view results by portfolio, site and employee level and benchmark outcomes against the industry average.

“Agent Performance gives managers a comprehensive view of their leasing team’s performance on 100% of their calls versus a random sampling which has been the industry norm,” says LeaseHawk CEO, Mike Mueller. “This is the industry’s first solution that identifies agents on every call and gives performance results almost instantly.”

Turnover is a costly expense that directly impacts profitability. Having insight, in near real-time, into employee performance enables management companies to quickly identify under-performers and focus training efforts on their skill gaps to improve lease conversions. Managers are also able to recognize their superstars and use their performance as best practices for training.

Source: LeaseHawk Launches Artificial Intelligence (AI) Solution to Measure Le.” PRWeb, 26 Aug. 2019.

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