Apartment Marketing Ideas for Spring

Drive traffic to your community with these helpful apartment marketing tips.

Apartment Marketing Tips for Spring

Spring is a time for new beginnings!  Flowers are blooming, the sun is shining, and people are getting out and about.  Spring is also one of the busiest leasing times, so that makes it the perfect time to show off your beautiful community.

1. Get social with local businesses

Work with a local business nearby that has great spring vibes and give them a shoutout in your Instagram stories or a post. By tagging their business, they may decide to re-share it with their followers—which gives your community more visibility to prospective renters in your area.

Spring Apartment Marketing Tips for Spring - 1. Get social with local businesses

2. Host an Instagram contest

Start a spring apartment door decorating contest on Instagram. Have tenants post pictures of their front doors using a branded hashtag, then allow everyone to vote.  Offer a fun prize for the top two doors – like a local restaurant certificate or tickets to an outdoor event.  This will help you build your social following as well as strengthen resident retention.

Spring Apartment Marketing Tips - Host an Instagram contest

3. Host an open house

The weather is warming up and people are starting to get back into the swing of things. What a great time to show off your beautiful property by hosting an outdoor open house.  Put those grassy areas to good use and host a picnic on the lawn.  Invite your residents to join you on the lawn for some food and fun.  Ask them to bring a guest and offer a special lease-signing referral, for any leases signed during the event.  You can also offer anyone that fills out a guest card a chance to win a prize. They can be eligible to win $250 off their first month’s rent or a free garage with their unit.  

Spring Apartment Marketing Tips - Host an open house

4. Advertise at a nearby animal shelter

Lots of people adopt pets in the springtime and if you are a pet friendly community, get the word out.  Partner up with a local animal shelter to leave brochures or pamphlets promoting your apartments as a pet friendly community. In exchange, you can offer rental discounts for employees and customers of the shelter. You could even promote an event at the shelter such as an adoption fair.  

Spring Apartment Marketing Tips - Advertise at a nearby animal shelter

5. Spring Cleaning

Reach not only your current residents, but prospective residents too with this spring-themed idea! Partner with a local charity to pick up from donation boxes around your community. Put your best digital marketing strategies into practice to promote this beyond your community to reach new prospects. Provide residents with helpful "spring cleaning" checklists and complimentary supplies—be sure to include renewal specials if they renew early. Spring time is prime time for renewals!

Spring Apartment Marketing Tips - 5. Spring Cleaning

6. Easter Egg Hunt

Easter egg hunts aren't just for kids—your Millennial residents will love getting in on the fun for this one too. It's easy, simply hide the plastic eggs around your community, equip your residents with tiny Easter baskets, and let the hunt begin! Be sure to stuff your eggs with marketing opportunities. Add a note asking for a Yelp or Google review along with some candy in the eggs. To get residents really motivated to participate, include some big prizes like a $500 referral bonus or $100 off their next rent payment.

Spring Apartment Marketing Tips - 6. Easter Egg Hunt

7. Spring Break Pool Party

When the weather starts heating up, consider throwing a spring break themed pool party. Indulge your residents with a grand opening of your pool and other warm weather amenities. You can have a week-long celebration with a different activity each night to celebrate. Choose to do a dive-in movie, game nights, and unique food or beverage themes to make the week special. Don't forget to take lots of video to post as Instagram Reels or TikTok for maximum marketing reach.

Spring Apartment Marketing Tips - 7. Spring Break Pool Party

8. Take Advantage of the Holidays

Spring is full of holidays that are prime opportunities for sharing your appreciation with residents! Valentine's Day, Mardi Gras, International Women's Day, St. Patrick's Day, Mother's Day, April Fools Day, Easter... the list goes on! After the cold of the winter, these holidays are the perfect time to give your residents some positivity. Resident retention gifts don't have to bust your budget either. Just a small note, like "We are lucky to have you as our resident!" with some chocolate gold coins is the perfect touch for some St. Patrick's Day fun. Ask residents to share a picture of it on social media for a chance to be entered to win an even bigger prize.

Spring Apartment Marketing Tips - 7. Take advantage of the holidays

9. Freshen Up Your Floorplans

Spring is all about blooming and growing—and that doesn't only apply to nature, it applies to your marketing too. Take a moment to freshen up and give a glow-up to one of your simplest and most important of marketing tools: your online floor plans. Recent technology has exploded with options for new 3D floor plans. They give your residents an easy to view experience with realistic imaging of the unit's space. When prospects are able to envision themselves living there, they will be more likely to lease!

Spring Apartment Marketing Tips - 9. Freshen up your floor plans

10. Answer Every Prospect, 24/7

The Spring season is a popular time for leasing staff to be extra busy—whether it be hosting events, helping residents, and more. Get a virtual leasing assistant to help answer calls, texts, and chats when your leasing staff isn't available. Virtual leasing assistants are capable of answering common leasing questions, collecting guest card information, and scheduling tours, 24/7. You can even customize the look, feel, and voice of your AI-powered virtual assistant for Spring with seasonal greetings and avatars.

Spring Apartment Marketing Tips - 10. Answer every prospect

Keep Track of Your Spring Marketing with LeaseHawk

While you take advantage of these tips to help you drive traffic to your community, make sure you have tracking in place to show which ad campaigns are paying off.  As the saying goes, you can’t manage what you don’t measure.  LeaseHawk offers a comprehensive solution to track all of your marketing sources and gives you insight into the performance of each campaign, so you know where to focus your efforts.

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