Tips & Tricks to Train Your Apartment Community Chatbot

Train your chatbot like it's a part of your leasing team with these tips and tricks.
March 2, 2021

Get the Most Out of Your Chatbot

So, you have decided to add a chatbot to your apartment community website. Hopefully, you chose a chatbot that can be customized to offer your prospects the most engaging experience. If you choose ACE, LeaseHawk’s virtual leasing agent, you have the power to totally customize your apartment chatbot with all of the unique characteristics that set you apart from the competition.

Think of your chatbot as another member of your leasing team and use this list of best practices to make your chatbot work its hardest for your property.

7 Tips & Tricks for Your Chatbot

1. Choose the right timing for your chatbot pop-up

You spent a lot of time creating a great website, so let it do the selling before the chatbot pops up. At a minimum have it pop up after 3 seconds, to give your prospect a chance to take in your site.

2. Create warm responses

Customize your responses so the prospect feels like they are engaging with a member of your leasing team. Describe your amazing amenities that will make them feel right at home. If you just upgraded your units with new appliances or flooring, shout it out! Prospects want to know what sets you apart from neighboring communities.

3. Customize your chatbot icon

Your chatbot icon should be eye-catching and creative. Consider an animated gif that ties in with the personality of your community. Check out for icon options that you can purchase and license for your own use.

4. Add images to your responses

Seeing is believing! Presenting images of your beautiful resort style pool is more compelling than a text description alone. A rental prospect can easily picture themselves relaxing poolside as a resident.

5. Set rules, so your chatbot will ask for contact information

If a prospect asks a question two times and your chatbot can’t answer, have it collect guest card information for follow up. This is another unique ACE feature.

6. Add your chatbot to your ad sources

Your chatbot should be on all your ad sources! The majority of renters today (72%) use 3rd-party listing sites, like or Zillow when searching for an apartment according to a study conducted by NMHC / Kingsley Associates. To be the most conversational, your bot should be hosted on its own webpage or URL that can be placed virtually anywhere, in addition to being installed on your property website.

7. Add texting

The majority of U.S. adults own a smartphone and text messaging has become a preferred communication method for many. A great conversational chatbot gives rental prospects the option of chatting via text message. It’s all about giving your renters the option to choose how they want to communicate. And bonus, if your chatbot is text-enabled, it can send helpful text messages right to your prospect; such as a tour confirmation or directions to the property.

These tips and tricks for customizing your property chatbot will help you create a more engaging experience for your prospects.  A more engaging experience means prospects will spend more time getting their questions answered through your chatbot, saving your leasing team countless hours so they can focus on what they do best, closing leases.

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