NMHC OPTECH: Must-See Sessions and Leasing Tech

It’s time to plan your OPTECH 2021 agenda!


OPTECH, powered by the National Multifamily Housing Council, returns in-person November 8-10 in National Harbor, Maryland. It promises a newly reimagined conference experience, including more time and space for meeting with friends and solution providers and a restructured schedule. Plus, it doesn’t hurt that National Harbor is a waterfront destination like no other; named one of “The Best Places to Catch Astounding Sunsets” by Expedia.

Between Ferris wheel rides and harbor cruises, you’ll want to make sure your OPTECH agenda is loaded with these must-see sessions and leasing technologies from the best solution providers in our industry.

Must-See Sessions at OPTECH 2021  

Image by Dom Beveridge, Multifamily Insiders

The Exchange

Brand new for 2021, the OPTECH Exchange is a lounge with two stages that will debut dynamic speakers throughout Day 1 and 2 of the conference. According to the NMHC, it’s a place to meet your friends and business partners, charge your devices, and recharge yourself.

Monday, November 8 from 3:00pm – 5:00pm  

Tuesday, November 9 from 10:30am – 3:00pm

Self-Service Leasing: What the Data has to Say

Owner/operators that implemented AI with CRMs, centralized leasing, and self-service leasing concepts to sustain business operations through the crisis have reported these technologies led to more qualified leads, increased closing ratios and optimization of the marketing funnel.  

Tuesday, November 9 from 10:45am – 11:30am

Demystifying Machine Learning and AI for Marketing Analytics

This session will provide practical working definitions of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, discuss how these concepts can improve your marketing optimization strategy, and cover the evolution for building a Marketing Analytics system from the ground up.  

Wednesday, November 10 from 9:00am – 9:45am

PropTech, AI and Humans: Working Together in Harmony  

How do you get the balance right between new PropTech, AI, and your valuable human staffing? Too often the decision is presented in binary terms: total AI or very little automation. As is often the case in life, the answer is less either/or and more all-of-the-above. Join this fascinating panel as they address one of the greatest challenges of our time, how to seamlessly integrate technology and humans to provide top-notch customer service.

Wednesday, November 10 from 10:00am – 10:45am

Leasing Tech That Should be on Your 2022 Radar  

Next-Gen Cyber Security  

One of the biggest problems across all industries can be a data breach. Committing to the security of your renter’s data and privacy can increase customer satisfaction and trust. Abacode is just one of the industry-leading Managed Cybersecurity & Compliance Providers (MCCP) to be showcased at OPTECH. See them in the Startups & New Exhibitor Pavilion, Kiosk 1, to learn about the all the necessary disciplines you need to meet regulatory mandates and business cybersecurity standards.

Upgrades for Your Customer Relationship Software

If you’re still using the free CRM that came with your Property Management System (PMS), then you’re due for a long-standing upgrade. Leading property management companies and owners agree that a powerful CRM is the key to meeting the fast response-time demands of today’s prospects and residents, and the integration and reporting expectations needed by leasing teams. Look to the experts at Knock, Booth #740, to experience their best-in-class CRM that is sure to knock your leasing team’s response-time goals out of the park in 2022.  

Forget Chatbots—Virtual Leasing Assistants Are What’s Next

Chatbots are so 2020. Are you ready for what’s next? Virtual leasing assistants use AI-powered voice, text, and chat technology that interact with prospects on their preferred communication channel to deliver pre-qualified prospects, 24/7. LeaseHawk, long-standing software innovators for multifamily, have created ACE™ Virtual Leasing Assistant. Visit us at Booth #725 to experience what it’s like to have a voice, or even face-to-face, conversation with a virtual leasing agent. It’s eerily human, just see for yourself:

See You Soon in National Harbor  

We can’t wait to see you soon at OPTECH. If you’d like to pre-schedule a meeting with LeaseHawk, simply drop us a note on our website!

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NMHC OPTECH: Must-See Sessions and Leasing Tech

Between Ferris wheel rides and harbor cruises, you’ll want to make sure your OPTECH agenda is loaded with these must-see sessions and leasing technologies from the best solution providers in our industry.

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