Introducing HawkEye™ Business Intelligence

HawkEye Business Intelligence (BI) is the industry's most powerful tool for measuring the effectiveness of your marketing and employee performance.
October 29, 2018

It’s no secret that property owners and management companies are bombarded with data. 

Piles of data from property management systems, advertising sources, lead management systems, and more make it increasingly difficult to identify areas that need attention. How is it possible to make sense of it all?

It’s time to stop wasting countless hours sifting through data. Maximize your property’s time and resources by leveraging the latest business intelligence (BI) tool developed for the multifamily industry.

HawkEye BI, powered by LeaseHawk, gives instant visibility into the key metrics that impact leasing success. It opens the visibility needed for decision-makers to audit their marketing and employee performance to maximize lease conversion. LeaseTrace™, a premium feature available in HawkEye, gives management companies the ability to track a phone call all the way through a lease to determine their most effective advertising sources.

Key features of HawkEye BI

Track Calls to Leases

Connect the LeaseTrace premium feature in HawkEye to track advertising effectiveness from the original call to the signed lease. Finally, a way for properties to know which ad sources generate the most leases—an industry first!

Transparency into Every Property

Intuitive dashboards combine multiple data sources to create at-a-glance stats that provide full transparency into the performance of your entire portfolio, individual sites, and employees.

Replicate Your Talent

Learn who your best leasing talent is based on industry scorecards and appointment conversion. Measure overall employee performance by site and individual employee with easy access to Telephone Performance Analysis (TPA) widgets.

Measure Communication Performance

Keep track of all inbound communications, including calls, texts and emails that have not yet been viewed or require a response. View communication volume to optimize your leasing team's inbound to outbound response ratio.

Big Data Pocket-Sized

Access HawkEye BI anytime, anywhere. Its responsive, mobile-first design gives you the flexibility to monitor your performance from any device, 24/7.


HawkEye BI is offered to all current LeaseHawk clients, that are on the new reporting platform, at no additional cost, excluding premium features. LeaseHawk clients may contact their Client Success Manager for more information or email

For more information about HawkEye BI and to schedule a demo please visit Learn more about the new technology and premium features that power HawkEye BI in our press release, "LeaseHawk Tracks Calls to Leases with LeaseTrace™."

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