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Each product serves a purpose for your leasing success, and when combined, powerful analytics are revealed for actionable insight anytime, anywhere.

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Everything you need to start making data-driven decisions for your properties.

The future of leasing is here. Access powerful analytics that integrate seamlessly with your Property Management System (PMS) all from your mobile device or desktop.

LeaseHawk products are developed by forward-thinking multifamily experts with a passion and deep knowledge of the industry.

Exploring the future of the industry with innovative ideas and leading-edge tech such as predictive analytics and artificial intelligence, is what we do.

HawkEye® Business Intelligence

Track calls to actual leases.

Make data-driven marketing decisions based on calls converting to actual leases—an industry first! The at-a-glance dashboards provide full transparency into the performance of your entire portfolio or individual sites, so you can quickly identify areas that need attention.

Connect the LeaseTrace® premium feature for full visibility into your marketing effectiveness. It tracks the original call that resulted in a lease to help identity your most effective advertising sources.

HawkEye Dashboard

HawkEye makes it easy to identify changes in the key areas that impact leasing success.

Caller Behavior

View trends in call volume, missed calls and call length.

Ad Source Effectiveness

See ranked ad sources by call, prospect and lease volume.

Employee Call Performance

Track employee call performance trends and rankings against the industry average.

Communication Performance

Keep track of all inbound communications, including calls, texts and emails that have not yet been viewed or require a response. View communication volume to optimize your leasing team's inbound to outbound response ratio.

The LeaseHawk CRM

Respond to leads in seconds.

LeaseHawk’s easy-to-use Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software helps you respond to leads and residents faster than ever before. Whether you’re taking a potential resident on a tour or working from the road, the LeaseHawk CRM keeps you on track to respond fast, collect guest cards and set appointments wherever you are.

Key Features

Get Instant Notifications

Receive instant notifications of new leads or new communications from existing contacts, so you can follow-up in a snap.

Organize Your Relationships

View all your leads in one central, mobile interface. View a contact’s entire communication history to provide a more personal experience.

CRM Workflow

Improve Your “Speed to Lead”

Access real-time unit pricing and availability and generate reserved quote sheets while on live calls without leaving the CRM.

Manage Your Leasing Pipeline

Gain visibility into your leasing pipeline to prioritize follow-up efforts and stay on top of assigned tasks.

CallTrack & LeadScore AI

Know your prospect volume, not just calls.

Take advantage of unique CallTrack national toll-free and local tracking telephone numbers to compare the effectiveness of each marketing source and ad campaign.

Our Artificial Intelligence (AI) models do the work to transcribe and score each call to determine if the caller was a new or repeat prospect, resident, vendor and more.


Place CallTrack Numbers

Your team places the CallTrack tracking in your print or digital advertisements.

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Prospects Start Calling

Potential prospects see your ad and call the unique CallTrack number associated with that source.


Call Automatically Routes

LeaseHawk routes the incoming call from the tracking number to your leasing office instantly.

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Call Info Captured and Recorded

The ad source and caller data are captured, and calls are recorded in LeaseHawk’s dynamic reporting.

Key Features


Track Marketing Effectiveness

Assess crucial, industry-specific data with the click of a mouse. Compare not only calls and leads, but prospects-per-source, cost-per-prospect, and calls-per-day.

Manage Leasing Opportunities

Get status reports that provide performance accountability. See how many leads and prospects your properties have received and which employee took each call.


Manage Caller Experience

Manage your caller experience and track your true answer rate utilizing LeaseHawk's voicemail messaging and missed call notifications, interactive Voice Response (IVR) system, overflow, and multi-call and time-of-day routing.


Dynamic Number Insertion (DNI)

Tracks the original source that prompted a call to your property by displaying a dynamic phone number on your website, so you’ll know the true number of leads you received from each web marketing source.


Agent Performance

Easily visualize your team’s performance.

Agent Performance uses artificial intelligence to measure leasing agent call performance on every eligible first-time prospect call based on a survey of best practices. These measurements make it easy to identify the areas that need improvement, so you can target your training efforts to improve your team’s performance.

Telephone Performance Analysis (TPA)

Our legacy scoring service.

TPA includes trained analysts that listen to and evaluate a sample of your employees’ calls with actual prospects.

The Industry Report Card, researched and published quarterly by LeaseHawk, benchmarks how effectively multifamily professionals handle incoming telephone calls.

Download Industry Report Card
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Key Features

View performance results within just a few days
Identify skill gaps and training opportunities
Save time evaluating call skills
Detect changes in your employees’ performance


Meet your new AI-powered leasing assistant.

ACE AI (Answers Calls Every time) is the virtual assistant powered by artificial intelligence that pleasantly interacts with your callers and answers their questions after hours or when your staff is unavailable.

It answers calls, sends text messages and interacts via chat on your website, 24/7.

With 49% of all calls going unanswered, ACE AI offers a modern approach to the traditional call center for today's apartment hunters.


49% of all calls are missed by leasing offices.


52% of callers will not try again if they missed you the first time.


Prospects are 4x more likely to converse with ACE AI than voicemail.


31% of prospect calls answered by ACE AI in 2019 resulted in an appointment being set.

Key Features

Intuitive and Intelligent

Listens carefully to the unique needs of every renter and provides the desired information quickly and efficiently. Sets appointments and collects guest card information.


Never miss a call, or opportunity. Answers calls, texts and chats 24/7 with a constant level of quality to provide the best customer experience.


Save money and resources as an effective alternative to costly call centers and impersonal voicemail services.

Support Services

Our team of multifamily experts have designed support and training materials to streamline the onboarding process, so you can easily deploy the solutions right for you.

Our services have a variety of learning pathways to fit intuitively within your team's processes.

Add-on training packages to develop a specialized LeaseHawk launch plan for your business.
Access complimentary training webinars, on-demand videos, and a library of other helpful resource documents.
Receive a dedicated LeaseHawk Client Manger as a strategic resource for qualified clients only.
Product support from our team of technical engineers at our Scottsdale-based headquarters.

Meet your Client Manager.

Work with our Implementation Team to deploy.

Choose the training packages that are right for you.

Start tracking!

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