Close the Loop on Problem Solving with CRM Software

The MC Companies offers valuable advice on how they use the LeaseHawk CRM and TPA to close the loop on their problem solving.
December 12, 2019
“Successful people ask better questions, and as a result, they get better answers.”  

An effective leasing program is not hit or miss.

Many decisions must be made, and a lot of team effort goes into it. Using the right ad sources to reach the right audience, keeping the leasing pipeline stacked, and staffing adequately are just a few of the pieces of the puzzle. Questions must be asked, and measurable data is needed to ensure those apartments are price-optimized and occupied.

Then you get down to the actual leasing office practices: Are there enough prospects calling my property? How do I know if the team is working leads effectively? Are they responding in a professional and timely manner?

Using the right tools to collect data on your leasing pipeline and keep your team on target is imperative to success.

A Customer Relationship Management (CRM) app is a perfect way to better answer all these questions while providing the leasing staff with fast response options. The LeaseHawk CRM collects marketing information on which sources are driving business while offering multiple communication choices for fast response times, including voice, text and email templates. The app is conveniently available for both desktop computers and mobile devices so that those precious prospects can be captured before they move on to the next property.

LeaseHawk clients have reported that having a CRM allowed them to triple the number of leads they responded to. It’s the small things that make the difference in whether a person decides to choose our apartment community for a tour…the fast response time and the text option in addition to the phone call can be all that it takes.

Prior to launching the LeaseHawk CRM at their properties, the MC Companies executive level had minimal data to ensure marketing dollars, staffing levels and any struggles in occupancy were effectively managed.

“The implementation of the LeaseHawk CRM resulted in such incredible change to the reported numbers and dramatically illustrates the pain point any company without a CRM is facing. This, combined with Telephone Performance Analysis (TPA) gives us a clear picture of training opportunities and essentially closes the loop in problem solving.”

Consider a CRM if you are seeking meaningful, measurable metrics for success. The best answer could be right in front of you!

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