Choosing a Multifamily Technology Partner vs. Vendor

Follow these tips for finding your next multifamily technology partner.
October 20, 2022

Choose a Multifamily Partner, Not Just a Vendor

In our current environment, multifamily owners and operators are focused on promoting communication, health, and safety. The adoption of self-guided tours, chatbots, AI-powered leasing agents, air purification and ventilation systems, remote payment systems, and more, are all in demand to support these efforts. You may be finding yourself in a similar position and relying on multifamily technology providers for these solutions.

Before your next vendor hire, be sure to do your research! Follow these tried-and-true tips for finding a supplier that will be more than just another vendor, but an actual partner for your multifamily business.

Fight Through the Noise

There are so many technology vendors in the multifamily industry. It can be hard to cut through the noise to the find the best solution for your business. In a recent article published by the National Apartment Association, Sean Miller, President of PointCentral, says, “There a lot of names that come in and out from different sides of technology – it's very sexy at times with VC money and headlines. Most operators want to make sure the technological champions in their organization do a good job of stepping back and choosing a partner and not a vendor. A vendor wants to sell you something, but a partner is going to make sure you get the ROI out of it.”

Ask Lots of Questions

You should feel confident that your vendor will provide ample support and training during the implementation phase and after. There’s nothing worse than onboarding a new technology and then feeling unsupported later.

Here are a few examples of questions to always ask:

  • How long have you offered these solutions for the multifamily industry?
  • What is the typical implementation or deployment plan?
  • What type of support will you provide?
  • Do you provide training for my team?
  • What is the pricing? What’s included?
  • Can you share reviews or client testimonials from other multifamily businesses who use your solutions?

Committed to Your Success

Your technology provider should not be just another vendor—they should be a true partner. They should be aligned with your goals and offer a customer-centric culture that is committed to your success. Always work with a supplier that provides excellence in their support and services.

At LeaseHawk, we are proud to be your partner and are passionate about your success. When you sign on with LeaseHawk, you don’t just gain a robust and user-friendly software platform, you gain a whole team of advocates that understand your unique business goals. Learn more about our Client Success Team here.

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