Calls Are King For Multifamily

As communication preferences shift, data shows that phone calls still rank supreme.
July 26, 2021

Are Rental Prospects Still Calling?

The short answer to this question: most definitely, yes.

Due to the availability of web chat and text messaging, it would be easy to assume that phone calls to leasing offices have slowed down. However, that’s not the case. Data collected from multifamily properties suggests that most prospects are still calling. According to LeaseHawk user data collected in 2020, over half of the inbound communications received by properties were phone calls (54%), followed by emails (23%), and text messages (23%).

Google’s click-to-call feature could be a large contributor to rental prospect’s phone call behavior. According to Google, 59% of people use click-to-call to get quick answers because they thought it would be the fastest way to get a response from the business (Google, 2013).

Phone Calls Are Your Property’s Hottest Leads

When a prospect calls your property, they are seeking answers—fast.  

Prospects typically begin their home search online, in fact, research shows that four out of five renters use online resources to assist in their home search. So, when a prospect decides to call, they are highly motivated and more likely to be ready to convert to a tour and sign a lease.  

Despite the leasing opportunity that these callers hold—leasing offices miss nearly 49% of calls.

Answer Calls with an AI Leasing Assistant

Missed calls can lead to frustrated prospects and lost leases. A consumer survey by Accenture found that “91 percent [of] respondents are frustrated that they have to contact a company multiple times for the same reason; 90 percent by being put on hold for a long time and 89 percent by having to repeat their issue to multiple representatives.”

New technology for the multifamily industry can help you answer every call, so you never miss a leasing opportunity. ACE™ Virtual Leasing Assistant from LeaseHawk does just that. It’s the only AI-powered leasing assistant for the multifamily industry that answers prospects on the three most popular communication channels: phone calls, text messages, and web chat.  

Plus, ACE comes fully loaded with call tracking, call routing, and a full IVR system. Empowering you and your leasing team to:

  • Access local, toll-free, and vanity phone numbers for tracking all your ad sources.
  • Gain control of how customers call you—point call traffic to different target phone numbers at different times of the day.
  • Easily differentiate prospects, so your leasing team can prioritize their follow-up activity.

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