The Most Human AI for Multifamily

Learn how Artificial Intelligence (AI) can provide conversational experiences for your rental prospects.
June 10, 2021

Don’t Confuse Chatbots for Conversational AI

Smart home tech isn’t just about thermostats and locks. It also includes the technology that rental prospects interact with before they even move in. Property owners and management companies are using conversational AI (Artificial Intelligence) to enhance how they communicate with prospects.

Warning! Don’t confuse chatbots for conversational AI.

Many chatbots are built on basic decision trees. These chatbots force prospects through a guided path without the freedom to directly and quickly get the information they need. If you’re thinking to yourself, this doesn’t sound very human-like or conversational, you’re right. It’s not.

Unlike chatbots that are built on decision trees, bots that use conversational AI are aware of the full context of every conversation. This allows the bot to adapt and select the most appropriate answer at every step of the conversation. The result is a fluid conversation that helps rental prospects get the information they need faster. Plus, since conversational AI bots don’t rely on a user-interface, they can interact with prospects over the phone and via text message too. Afterall, what’s more human-like than using your voice to communicate?

How AI Helps Property Owners and Managers Win

When it comes to using conversational AI to answer your prospects’ phone calls, texts, and chats, just remember:

This is not your grandma’s IVR.

This is not yesterday’s keyword-based technology.

This isn’t even industry-leading technology…

It’s WORLD-leading technology developed by artificial intelligence experts at Google.

At LeaseHawk, we have leveraged this technology to power ACE™ Virtual Leasing Assistant. ACE is now the multifamily industry’s only omni-channel assistant that can talk, text, and chat with prospects to conversationally answer leasing questions, collect guest cards, and schedule tours.

ACE helps property owners and managers win by:

  • Increasing your rental income. What can one more new closed lease per community do for your revenue? ACE is proven to convert unanswered calls to appointments, providing additional sales opportunities for your leasing team.
  • Maximizing your ad source spend. You’re spending a significant budget on ads and when inquiries are missed, your ad dollars are wasted. ACE consistently engages prospects by answering calls, texts, and chats, 24/7.
  • Boosting your onsite staff productivity. Your onsite leasing staff can focus their efforts on high-value activities such as tour follow-up, lease closings, and resident retention. ACE handles the busy work for your staff, so they don’t have to worry about addressing common leasing questions and booking appointments. They can count on ACE to nurture every prospect, every time.
  • Positively impacting your occupancy rates. With the threat of rent delinquencies and move-outs, ACE is the perfect counter defense for maximizing every incoming rental opportunity. With an impressive prospect-to-appointment conversion rate, you can rest easy knowing that ACE will keep your leasing pipeline full of high-quality leads.

The Future of Leasing

Conversational AI is the technology that will take the multifamily industry into the future. Don’t get left behind by using a basic chatbot with simple decision tree logic. Get a virtual leasing assistant with conversational AI for a truly robust and human-like experience that is proven to convert your prospect to residents.

Learn more about ACE™ Virtual Leasing Assistant at

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