How Shelton Residential Uses ACE™ to Take Prospects from “Not Now” to “WOW”

Learn from technology early adopter, Shelton Residential, and how they use ACE, an AI-powered leasing agent, to wow their prospects and schedule more tours.

Taking Prospects from “Not Now” to “Wow”

Image by Shelton Residential/Asset Living, Montreaux

Virtual leasing is the new normal, just ask our clients at Shelton Residential who manage over 100 multifamily communities. In 2020, Shelton Residential found themselves in a similar situation as many other asset management companies, bearing witness to their physical leasing processes transform into digital seemingly overnight as the COVID-19 pandemic swept the world.

Being an early adopter of property technology, Shelton Residential was ready for the transition. They quickly made LeaseHawk a part of their leasing playbook by choosing us as their artificial intelligence partner to keep their properties and prospects connected amid a rapidly changing environment. In April 2021, an additional 1,107 appointments and over 2,401 guest cards were sent to their leasing team.

How did they do it? Read on to find out.

ACE™ Virtual Leasing Assistant Joined Their Team

Prospect traffic has always been hot for Shelton Residential. For their properties, it’s a normal day for the phones to be ringing off the hook. They knew they needed something to give their on-site leasing teams a helping hand in order to answer the overflow of calls during busy office hours, after-hours and holidays.

But sending these valuable prospects to a call center, or even worse, voicemail, was not going to be an acceptable process for Shelton Residential. They wanted a modern alternative that would allow their prospects to get the best customer experience possible. That’s why they decided to hire ACE™ Virtual Leasing Assistant as part of their team.

ACE is the multifamily industry’s only omnichannel AI-powered leasing agent that can answer prospect phone calls and text messages, as well as chat on property websites, social media profiles, and internet listing sites. ACE conversationally answers leasing questions, collects guest card information, and schedules tours, 24/7.

Shelton Residential’s Findings

Jordan Ruditys, Marketing Director for Shelton Residential, explains, “As early adopters of ACE, we’ve witnessed how its technology continuously gets smarter after each update and iteration.” Shelton Residential has proven their dedication to being on the front lines of testing new features in order to bring the most cutting-edge experiences to their customers. “The willingness to adapt is crucial in our current leasing environment. We’re excited to have ACE on our team, as well as the knowledgeable and dedicated staff at LeaseHawk.”

“As early adopters of ACE, we’ve witnessed how its technology continuously gets smarter after each update and iteration. The willingness to adapt is crucial in our current leasing environment. We’re excited to have ACE on our team, as well as the knowledgeable and dedicated staff at LeaseHawk.” — Jordan Ruditys, Marketing Director for Shelton Residential

Giving Prospects What They Want… Results!

With ACE, Shelton’s on-site leasing team rests easy knowing they have a teammate who can handle prospects when they can’t. Plus, their marketing team is happy too, knowing that every prospect their advertising generates can get instant answers to their leasing questions.

In April 2021, ACE answered 7,864 leasing questions for Shelton Residential’s prospects. Can you guess what was the most frequently asked question? You guessed it, pricing and availability, followed by inquiries related to rental qualifications.

More Appointments and Prospects in the Pipeline

Keeping the leasing pipeline full of quality leads is important to any property owner and asset management company. For Shelton Residential, they knew that ACE could be their secret weapon to a full pipeline even during off-peak leasing seasons.

After implementing ACE, Shelton’s properties noticed an immediate boost of appointments set and traffic being sent to the office. They also realized that ACE’s chat functionality was able to reach prospects that might be too timid to call or come into the office. In just one month for 43 properties, ACE collected 2,401 guest cards and set 1,107 appointments.

Add ACE to Your Leasing Playbook

Ready to take a page from Shelton Residential’s leasing playbook and add ACE to your properties? At LeaseHawk, we are dedicated to our client’s success and are confident in the positive impact that ACE will have for your property’s leasing goals.

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