Property Manager’s Guide to Motivating On-Site Teams

Discover the top three ways an employee performance program can motivate leasing professionals at your property.

Implement an Employee Performance Program for Your On-Site Leasing Team

You spend a lot of money on advertising to make the phone ring.  So, what happens when your team answers those prospect calls?  Hoping they do a great job handling those crucial calls is not a strategy.  You need to track and measure performance so you can identify trends and areas that need improvement.  

Consider implementing an employee performance program to measure performance.  

LeaseHawk evaluates the performance of your leasing team on actual prospect calls—no secret shoppers here! Our quantitative approach to scoring calls gives you an accurate and holistic view of your employees’ performance.

Top 3 Ways an Employee Performance Program Motivates Leasing Professionals

1. Empower Team Members to Succeed

Top performers, like professional athletes and musicians, watch and listen to their performance so they can identify areas that need improvement.  Having the ability to listen to actual prospect calls gives you great insight into how well your leasing team performs on the phone. It also allows your team to review their own calls and easily access their performance trends.

Employees should feel empowered to use an evaluation program to grow professionally. Share why you have decided to begin evaluating their performance, such as to help build their leasing skills, identify training opportunities, or to start a fun recognition program. They will appreciate being kept in-the-loop.

2. Save Time and Resources

Track how well your employees perform on every eligible prospect call—without having to monitor countless conversations.  So, you can quickly identify areas that need improvement.

With LeaseHawk, we do all the work for you:

  • Measure every eligible first-time prospect call using a survey of best practices.
  • See performance trends and rankings of each employee by site and portfolio.

3. Identify Best Performers and Training Opportunities

Recognize the growing talent and skills developed by your leasing team by sharing the top results of individual team members and communities. By celebrating their victories, everyone can learn from the methods that are proven to be working, plus it creates a fun culture of recognition and friendly competition.

Plus, you can compare your team's performance against the industry average with the Industry Report Card, published quarterly by LeaseHawk.

Training is just as important as recognition. Using easy-to-use reports, you can quickly identify which of your team members may need additional training so you can work with them to improve their key leasing skills.

See for yourself how leading companies benefit from LeaseHawk measuring their agent performance. Check out these reviews:

“It feels so good to celebrate the success of our PLK Communities leasing teams! Since we implemented LeaseHawk Flight School in October 2020, we increased our call performance scores by nearly 5% in just two months.” – Melinda Howard, PLK Communities - Director of Training & Development

“LeaseHawk can do so much for you. We lean heavily on the agent performance TPA scoring platform and it's a tool that has been successful with skills development for our teams.” – Freeman Webb

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