ACE™ Virtual Leasing Assistant Does More Than Any Chatbot

Don’t Settle for a Chatbot, Get a Virtual Leasing Assistant. 

Not All Chatbots are Created Equal

So far, the 2020’s aren’t just roaring—they’re digitizing.  

Virtual leasing is the new normal for the multifamily industry. For property tech stacks, chatbots have emerged as a critical communication tool. However, not all chatbots are created equal.  

ACE™ Virtual Leasing Assistant, powered by LeaseHawk, is so much more than a chatbot. Katherine Gibson, National Director of Marketing for McCormack Baron Management, says, “We looked at a number of different “chatbots”, but ACE is no ordinary chatbot.”  

In fact, sometimes it can be hard to know that ACE is a bot at all. Powered by Google’s industry-leading artificial intelligence, ACE has human-like conversations with potential residents via voice, text, and chat that deliver qualified leads to your leasing teams on a 24/7 basis.

McCormack Baron made ACE their own, even giving ACE a custom name, Sally. In just one month for a single property they instantly noticed a surge of traffic. Gibson shares, “We deployed “Sally” on a new lease-up and in April she created 256 guest cards and scheduled 189 appointments. We are adding ACE to additional properties due to the phenomenal success!”

We looked at a number of different “chatbots”, but ACE is no ordinary chatbot. We deployed “Sally” on a new lease-up and in April she created 256 guest cards and scheduled 189 appointments. We are adding ACE to additional properties due to the phenomenal success! — Katherine Gibson, National Director of Marketing for McCormack Baron Management

ACE Pushes the "Bot" Boundaries

ACE continues to push the boundaries on what it means to be a “bot” in the multifamily industry. Here are just a few of the features that make ACE stand apart:

Truly Omnichannel: Voice, Text, and Chat

Most bots know how to chat, but can they talk and text too? ACE can.  

ACE is omnichannel and communicates with your prospects by answering their phone calls, text messages, and chats. Plus, ACE can provide the option for your prospects to transfer their phone call to a text conversation, if they don’t feel like talking.

It’s all about giving your prospects the option to communicate on the channel that they prefer most.

Email, Social, and ILS Compatible

Your property website is not the only place where prospects want to interact with you. That’s why the ACE chatbot can be placed anywhere. Add it as a button in your ILS email autoresponder, so leads don’t have to wait for your team’s follow-up. Or, add ACE into the About, Bio, and Appointment sections of your ILS listings and social media profiles. ACE can be added virtually anywhere that a link can be placed.  

When prospects click on your ACE chatbot link, a new browser window appears where they are able to instantly chat, get answers to their common leasing questions, and schedule a tour.  

Then, once their conversation is over, the leads are funneled to your leasing team, so they can do what they do best—close leases!

Plays Nice with Your PMS and CRM

Having a tech stack that plays nice and talks to each other is crucial. ACE integrates with all of the leading multifamily PMS and CRM systems to ensure a seamless experience for not only your renters, but your leasing staff too.

With an integration, you can rest assured knowing ACE will always:

  • Share pricing and availability with prospects
  • Book tours at the right time using a real-time view into your leasing team’s availability
  • Collect and push full guest card information, including first and last name, phone number and/or email address, desired move-in date, number of bedrooms requested, the ad source used by the prospect, and more

Hire ACE for Your Leasing Team

ACE is continuously learning new skills and features that will nurture prospects and make your on-site team more successful. When your lead funnel starts to dry up, leasing office feels understaffed or when your call center is overflowing with calls, you can rest assured that ACE can be there to help.

Say goodbye to missed leasing opportunities and hello to ACE.

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