50 Questions To Ask a Virtual Leasing Assistant

Interacting with ACE, LeaseHawk’s virtual leasing assistant, is conversational and informative—here are just a few of the questions it answers for prospective renters.
February 24, 2021

Answer Your Prospect's Calls, Texts, and Chats

Chances are you have interacted with a voice assistant before. According to Edison Research and NPR, one-in-six Americans own a voice activated smart speaker, like Amazon Alexa or Google Home. Interacting with voice assistants is so common, that sometimes people don’t even realize they’re talking with a bot.

There’s a voice assistant for apartment leasing offices too, it’s called ACE. It offers an Alexa-like experience by answering calls, texts and chats from renters who are seeking information on their next home. ACE is especially helpful to leasing teams, because it’s ready to answer communications any time and any day—like when the leasing staff is unavailable or after-hours.

ACE uses natural language processing powered by Google to create conversational experiences for your renters. You can think of ACE as your community’s pricing guru, availability wizard and amenities master. Whenever prospective renters need answers from your properties, you can rest assured knowing that ACE can answer for you.

What does ACE sound like?

Don't settle for just a chatbot. A true virtual leasing assistant is omni-channel. ACE answers not only your prospect's chats, but also phone calls and text messages. Watch this video to hear how ACE can assist your prospects:

What leasing questions can ACE answer?

ACE can answer over 160 leasing inquiries about your property. Here are just a few highlights of all the things your prospects can ask:

Pricing & Availability

  1. Do you have any 1-bedroom apartments available?
  1. I need a 2-bedroom apartment on June 1.
  1. Do you have a 3-bedroom apartment on the first floor?
  1. How much for a studio?  


  1. I want to come in for a tour.
  1. What types of tours do you offer?
  1. I want to take a virtual tour.
  1. Can you send me directions?
  1. When do you close today?

Apartment Amenities

  1. Do you have furnished apartments?
  1. Do the units have accent walls?
  1. Is there a/c in each apartment home?
  1. Does it come with an alarm system?
  1. Tell me about your apartment amenities.
  1. Are the appliances stainless steel?
  1. Do you have balconies available?
  1. What type of Cable TV do you have?
  1. Do the apartments have carpet or hardwood floors?

Property Amenities

  1. Is there a parking garage?
  1. Is there a basketball court?
  1. Can I dock my boat there?
  1. Do you have a business center?
  1. Is childcare available?
  1. What's your clubhouse like?
  1. Do you have a coffee bar for residents?
  1. Will I have access to a concierge?
  1. Do you have a dog park?
  1. What is your fitness center like?
  1. Is there a pool?
  1. Is there a car wash area?
  1. Do you offer any club discounts?
  1. Is there controlled access?

Property Services

  1. Where do I submit an application?
  1. Is there bilingual staff?
  1. Do you have a grocery service?
  1. Is there housekeeping available?
  1. Do you offer house sitting services?
  1. Do you have a meal service?

Things Nearby

  1. Are there jogging trails nearby?
  1. Is there lake access?
  1. Where’s the nearest public transportation?
  1. What are the closest schools?

Fees & Policies

  1. What fees do you charge?
  1. Do you have any specials right now?
  1. Are utilities included?
  1. Do you offer affordable housing?
  1. What safety measures do you have for COVID-19?
  1. What lease terms do you offer?
  1. Do you allow cats?
  1. Do you have short-term leases available?

Give ACE a try and see how it can help you respond immediately to prospect inquiries. Call (844) 389-4060 or click here to chat, and ask ACE any of the questions from this list!

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