Make Your Leasing Office Virtual with ACE AI.

Leasing offices are understaffed and overwhelmed with communications. ACE AI, LeaseHawk's virtual leasing assistant, is a crucial tool to ensure every call, chat and text message is answered immediately and consistently, 24/7. Get ACE AI now for $99/month.*

Get ACE AI Now!

Your Leasing Team's Virtual Teammate

Give your leasing team a virtual "teammate" that always has their back. Powered by artificial intelligence, ACE AI answers leasing office phone calls, chats on your property websites and sends text messages.

ACE AI offers a consistent and conversational experience for your renters. It gives them information they need, including over 130 common leasing questions, quickly and efficiently.


ACE AI has converted 51% of qualified prospect calls to an appointment in 2020.


On average, 87% of people that call an apartment will not leave a voicemail.

Get ACE AI for $99*

Get ACE AI for $99 per site per month, plus $199 one-time setup fee.

40 Prospect Calls, $1.00 Each Additional Call
Unlimited Chat
Unlimited Text (First 90 Days)

Intuitive and Intelligent

Listens carefully to each unique renter’s needs and provides the desired information quickly and efficiently. Sets appointments and collects guest card information.


Never miss a call, chat or text. Answers over 130 leasing inquiries 24/7 with a constant level of quality to provide the best customer experience. Powered by AI and gets smarter every day.


Save money and resources as an effective alternative to costly call centers and impersonal voicemail services.

*Service includes LeaseHawk's ACE AI virtual leasing assistant voice, chat and text. Price includes 40 prospect calls, unlimited chat, and unlimited text. Each additional prospect call is $1.00. Unlimited text included for the first 90 days of service only. Additional setup fees apply. Prospect calls are determined by LeaseHawk and are defined as a caller with leasing intent with a call duration of 30 seconds or more.

At LeaseHawk, our focus is to bring emerging technologies to the multifamily industry. We’ve built our solutions to make your everyday leasing cycle easier and faster. We make your property data actionable, so you can connect with customers and close more leases.