Quit the Guessing Game. Start Tracking Calls to Actual Leases.

A first for the multifamily industry, LeaseHawk’s unique features give management companies the ability to track a phone call all the way through to a lease to determine their most effective advertising sources.

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Do You Know How Effective Your Marketing and Your People Are?

LeaseHawk puts it all in perspective with data-driven solutions that target your most vexing leasing challenges.


More than 50% of phone calls are missed by leasing offices.


52% of callers will not try again if they missed you the first time.


Nearly 70% of callers are expecting a response within 24 hours.


Out of the qualified calls received, only 43% will be converted to an appointment.

Discover the LeaseHawk Suite

Software and services that complement your property management system, providing you full visibility into your marketing effectiveness by tracking the original call that resulted in a lease to help identify your most effective advertising sources.

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Everything you need to start making data-driven decisions for your properties.

Track Calls to Leases

Make data-driven marketing decisions based on calls actually turning into leasesan industry first.

Replicate Your Talent

Measure employee effectiveness based on industry scorecards and appointment conversion.

Track Every Property

At-a-glance stats provide full transparency into the performance of your entire portfolio or individual site.

Unique Software Made for the Multifamily Industry

Every LeaseHawk tool is created with the unique needs of the multifamily industry in mind. Optimize your leasing process and grow faster by empowering success at every level of your organization.

Icon - Executive Suite

Executive Suite

At-a-glance statistics provide transparency into the performance of an entire portfolio or individual site.
Business intelligence reporting with a responsive, mobile-first design gives you the flexibility to monitor a property's performance anytime, anywhere.
Centralize your team's processes into one easy-to-use software suite that supercharges existing Property Management System (PMS) data.
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Icon - Marketing

Marketing & Sales

Close the loop on a lead turning into a lease with reliable and accurate call tracking.
Evaluate ad sources in real-time using customizable reports that can be automated or scheduled.
Ensure your ad spend is targeted toward sources that generate the most prospects.
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Icon - Regional Management

Regional Management

Improve your team's response times by eliminating tedious and time-consuming processes.
Record all calls to gain valuable performance insight. Utilize call recordings as training opportunities with individual team members.
Measure employee call performance with real prospects and compare against the industry average.
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Icon - Leasing Professional

Leasing Professionals

Easily manage tasks to quickly follow-up and to stay focused on prospects and upcoming appointments.
Text, email and call residents and prospects from one easy-to-use platform.
Collect prospect information while on the phone, then easily push the information to your Property Management System (PMS).
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LeaseHawk makes it easy to identify changes in the key areas that impact leasing success.

Ad Source Effectiveness

See ranked ad sources by call, prospect and lease volume.

Employee Call Performance

Track employee performance trends and rankings against the industry average.

Caller Behavior

View trends in call volume, missed calls and call length.

At LeaseHawk, our focus is to bring emerging technologies to the multifamily industry. We’ve built our solutions to make your everyday leasing cycle easier and faster. We make your property data actionable, so you can connect with customers and close more leases.