Your Guide to AI and the Apartment Industry.

Everything you need to know about how Artificial Intelligence (AI) is transforming the multifamily industry. What you'll learn:

What is AI and why it matters for multifamily.
How to prioritize leads with AI.
How to manage marketing spend with AI.

Why does AI matter?

Artificial intelligence is not anything new—its been around since the 1950s. So, why all the sudden hype? Only recently has the hardware become available for mass business adoption. Specific AI applications for niche industries, such as multifamily, are quickly emerging. Property owners now have the unique opportunity to be among the first in the industry to leverage AI technology to create a better leasing experience.

Prioritize Leads

Say goodbye to manually sorting lead lists. AI quickly analyzes and transcribes phone calls to pinpoint prospects.

Optimize Your Budget

AI reveals the intentions and ad source behind every phone call to your property, so you can know the true value of your ad spend.

Greater Efficiencies

With no human oversight required, AI identifies up to 18 multifamily caller types with up to 91% confidence—within minutes.

An easy, crash course in artificial intelligence for multifamily.

Learn the basics of AI, the current solutions available to the multifamily industry and future applications that can be made possible by the technology.

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